About the Location

Get the best of both worlds

We call this region the golden middle: not as humid as the south of Costa Rica but not as dry as Guanacaste. Here we enjoy warm and sunny weather all year round but never have to miss out on the green and colorful hillscapes surrounding the area.

At Las Terrazas you own a home in a private and picture-perfect location embedded in the lush greenery of the coastal hills. Various beautiful beaches are in short walking or driving distance and the area is home to many fun outdoor activities. Nevertheless, you are still close to the conveniences of the town center:

  • Ferry station: 7 minutes
  • Clinic: 11 minutes
  • Pharmacy: 10 minutes
  • Supermarkets and farmer’s market: 10 minutes
  • Stores: 10 minutes
  • Restaurants and cafés: 5 to 10 minutes

When owing a home at Las Terrazas you are surrounded by nature, but you will never have to miss out on the hustle of the city. Whenever you feel like the big city is calling, you can simply drive your car on the ferry, and you are halfway there.